Family and Politics in Maguindanao, ca. 1680-1760

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Family and Politics in Maguindanao, ca. 1680-1760

Type: Research master thesis
Title: Family and Politics in Maguindanao, ca. 1680-1760
Author: Lopez, Ariel Cusi
Issue Date: 2012-08-30
Keywords: family, politics, Philippines
Abstract: This study focuses on the political history of Maguindanao, a polity along the western coast of Mindanao (present-day southern Philippines) from ca. 1680 till 1760. Primarily using the archives of the VOC (Dutch East India Company), it examines three interrelated historiographical issues: (1) the nature of political rule in Maguindanao, (2) the upland-lowland geopolitical divide and the (3) question of Maguindanao political decline. This thesis argues that these issues are better understood if seen from the perspective of complex intra-familial politics. By using the family as a lens, this thesis highlights the important role of women in the conduct of politics. It also dilutes the seemingly rigid division between the upland and lowland Maguindanao by viewing political factions not in terms of fixed political centers, but rather as a consequence of changing family alliances and rivalries.
Supervisor: Schrikker, Alicia
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: History: Societies and Institutions (Research master)
Specialisation: Research Masters
ECTS Credits: 40

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