Aztec human sacrifices and the museum exhibitions.

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Aztec human sacrifices and the museum exhibitions.

Type: Master thesis
Title: Aztec human sacrifices and the museum exhibitions.
Author: Silbermann, N.V.
Issue Date: 2012-08-31
Keywords: Aztec human sacrifices
museum exhibitions
Abstract: The goal of this bachelor thesis is to answer the research question; What is the discourse on Aztec human sacrifices from the Late Post classic period in the Valley of Mexico and does it coincide with the contemporary Aztec museum exhibitions? Sixteenth century chronicles, mainly Sahagun’s, were used and more recent literature. Three museum exhibitions were chosen; two from London and one from New York. The research showed that in time the authors of the literature became more considerate and less prejudiced towards the Aztec culture and placed the human sacrifice in more proper context, even though all sources originated from the sixteenth and seventeenth century chronicles. The three recent museum exhibitions did not display many artefacts that pertain to the sacrificial ritual but reviews concerning the show were nevertheless negative, which is the result of several factors including literature, media, education, and methods of display of the Aztec museum exhibitions. This information led to the conclusion that the discourse on Aztec human sacrifices does not entirely coincide with the chosen recent museum exhibitions.
Supervisor: Rojas Martinez Gracida, Araceli
Faculty: Faculty of Archaeology
Department: Archaeology (Master)
Specialisation: Indian America
ECTS Credits: 10

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