Anti-Evolutionism Among Muslim Students

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Anti-Evolutionism Among Muslim Students

Type: Article / Letter to editor
Title: Anti-Evolutionism Among Muslim Students
Author: Koning, D.
Journal Title: ISIM Review
Issue: 1
Volume: 18
Start Page: 48
End Page: 49
Pages: 2
Publisher: ISIM, Leiden
Issue Date: 2006
Keywords: Media
Abstract: Supposed anti-evolutionist convictions among Muslim students in Amsterdam have been widely discussed in Dutch media. These discussions are often undergirded by the assumption that religious attitudes have concrete socio-political relevance, more specifically, that anti-evolutionism fosters disintegration and radicalism. However, research data show that most Muslim students creatively combine ideas about evolution and faith, thus prompting questions about the stereotypes that surface in public debates on integration in the Netherlands.1

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