Wahhabi or National Hero? Siddiq Hasan Khan

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Wahhabi or National Hero? Siddiq Hasan Khan

Type: Article / Letter to editor
Title: Wahhabi or National Hero? Siddiq Hasan Khan
Author: Preckel, C.
Journal Title: ISIM Newsletter
Issue: 1
Volume: 11
Start Page: 31
End Page: 31
Pages: 1
Publisher: ISIM, Leiden
Issue Date: 2002
Keywords: India
Abstract: Hardly is any historical Indian Muslim figure of the 1 9th century as controversial as Sayyid Siddiq Hasan Khan al-Qannauji al-Bukhari (1832-1890). The reason for all the contrasting assessments of his personality was his astonishing career: he rose from an impoverished scholar to the son-in-law of the Prime Minister at the court of Bhopal. In 1871, the widowed ruler of this principality, Shah Jahan Begum (r. 1868-1901) chose him as her second husband. After his marriage, Siddiq Hasan Khan established the reformist movement Ahl-e Hadith (people of the prophetic traditions), which soon became a dominant Muslim group in Bhopal. But as soon as Siddiq Hasan's career had started, it came to a sudden end.
Handle: http://hdl.handle.net/1887/16843

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