Espacio sagrado y geometría : herencia de México

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Espacio sagrado y geometría : herencia de México

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Espacio sagrado y geometría : herencia de México
Author: Ruiz Ortíz, Víctor Hugo
Publisher: Department of Mesoamerican and Andean Cultures, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University
Issue Date: 2010-11-30
Keywords: Indigenous peoples
Heritage management
Mesoamerican architecture
Colonial transformations
Abstract: The dissertation reviews the problems inherent in the interpretation and protection of Mexico’s indigenous cultural heritage. In this context it pays special attention to (a) the relationships between ceremonial architecture and the ritual landscape or sacred space in the Mesoamerican worldview, (b) the colonial transformation of these relationships and symbolic meanings, and (c) the possibilities for adequate restoration in a way that may also lead to more local historical consciousness and economic benefit. The dissertation focuses on the cultural region of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico and discusses (1) the restoration of a chapel in the Zapotec town Macuilxochitl, (2) the meanings and associations of basic geometric forms and proportions in Mesoamerican architecture and art, (3) the Lienzo of Otla, an early-colonial painting in native style that recently has come to light, and (4) a set of present-day construction and developmental activities, known as the Project: Cultura Mixteca, ruta que siguieron los dominicos.
Description: Promotor: M.E.R.G.N. Jansen
With Summary in Dutch
With Summary in English
Faculty: Faculty of Archeology
Citation: Ruiz Ortíz, V.H., 2010, Doctoral Thesis, Leiden University

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