The early and middle Pleistocene archaeological record of Greece : current status and future prospects

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The early and middle Pleistocene archaeological record of Greece : current status and future prospects

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: The early and middle Pleistocene archaeological record of Greece : current status and future prospects
Author: Tourloukis, Vangelis
Publisher: Leiden University Press
Issue Date: 2010-11-17
Keywords: Aegean
Archaeological visibility
Lower Palaeolithic
Quaternary Geomorphology
Abstract: By applying a fieldwork-based, geoarchaeological approach, Tourloukis examines in this study the evidence from Greece within the framework of the earliest occupation of Europe. Although the Greek Peninsula lies within a core area of early hominin movements between Africa and Europe but also within Eurasia itself, the Lower Palaeolithic record of Greece remains as yet extremely poor. Chossing the scanty Greek record as a case-study, Tourloukis elaborates on a hitherto largely overlooked subject in the Eurasian Early-Middle Pleistocene archaeology: the role of geomorphic processes in biasing archaeological distribution patterns of early human presence. This study identifies the current status of the record, explains this status from a geoarchaeological and geomorphological perspective, and prospects its future enrichment. The analysis is carried-out on a landscape-scale and it assesses preservation potential in conjuction with archaeological visibility. Finally a conceptual model emerges that can assist in interpreting and/or predicting early Palaeolithic site locations in tectonically active settings, such as those of the Mediterranean Basin.
Description: Promotor: W. Roebroeks
With summary in Dutch
Faculty: Faculty of Archeology
Citation: Tourloukis, V., 2010, Doctoral thesis, Leiden University
Series/Report no.: Archaeological Studies Leiden University ; 23
ISBN: 9789087281069
Sponsor: State Scholarships Foundation (Greece)
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