Impact and benefits of early hearing screening

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Impact and benefits of early hearing screening

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Impact and benefits of early hearing screening
Author: Korver, Anna Maria Helena
Publisher: Department Pediatry, Faculty of Medicine / Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Leiden University
Issue Date: 2010-10-08
Keywords: Aetiology
Hearing impairment
Hearing screening program
Quality of life
Abstract: This is the first time developmental outcome following hearing screening in children with permanent childhood hearing impairment was studied in a unique, pseudo-randomized design. We found that early detection of hearing loss by newborn hearing screening (and subsequent early intervention) is beneficial for the development of children with permanent childhood hearing impairment, although their development at 3-5 years is not yet comparable to that of children with normal hearing. We showed that the yield of the current hearing screening program is large, but that there is ample room for improvement in the timing following early detection of hearing loss. We would like to emphasize that the aetiology of permanent childhood hearing impairment should be investigated and the cause taken into account when evaluating the development of the child.
Description: Promotores: H.M. Oudesluys-Murphy, J.H.M. Frijns, F.W. Dekker
With summary in Dutch
Faculty: LUMC
Citation: Korver, A.M.H., 2010, Doctoral thesis, Leiden University
Sponsor: Willem-Alexander Kinder Kinderfonds, Heinsius Houbolt Fonds, Wieger Wakinoerfonds

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