Application of fragment-based drug discovery to membrane proteins

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Application of fragment-based drug discovery to membrane proteins

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Application of fragment-based drug discovery to membrane proteins
Author: Früh, V.
Issue Date: 2009-10-07
Keywords: Drug Discovery
Membrane proteins
Abstract: Membrane proteins are an interesting class due to the variety of cellular functions and their importance as pharmaceutical targets, but they pose significant challenges for fragment-based drug discovery approaches. Here we present the first successful use of biophysical methods to screen for fragment ligands to an integral membrane protein. Using the recently developed Target Immobilized NMR Screening (TINS) approach, we screened 1,200 fragments for binding to the enzyme Disulphide bond forming protein B. Biochemical and biophysical validation of the 8 most potent hits revealed an IC50 range of 7 to 200 uM, which could be categorized as cofactor binding inhibitors or mixed model inhibitors of both cofactor and substrate protein interaction. Our results establish the utility of fragment-based methods in the development of inhibitors of membrane proteins, making a wide variety3of important membrane bound pharmaceutical targets amenable to such an approach. We first tested the immobilization procedure on G protein coupled receptors and ion channels. Furthermore, we used Nanodiscs, an alternative solubilization strategy, to solubilize teh protein without detergents. This resulted in less broad NMR signals, less non-specific binding issues, and identification of the binders from the original screen, proving that the nanodisc solubilization technique is compatible with TINS.
Promotor: Supervisor: IJzerman A.P. Co-Supervisor: Siegal G.
Faculty: Faculty of Sciences
University: Leiden University

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