The research-teaching nexus in the sciences : scientific research dispositions and teaching practice

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The research-teaching nexus in the sciences : scientific research dispositions and teaching practice

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: The research-teaching nexus in the sciences : scientific research dispositions and teaching practice
Author: Rijst, Roeland Matthijs van der
Publisher: ICLON, Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching
Issue Date: 2009-09-23
Keywords: Approaches to teaching
Higher education
Research dispositions
Research intensive education
Research-teaching nexus
Science education
Speech act theory
Student perceptions
Teacher cognitions
Teaching practice
Abstract: This dissertation describes several studies concerning the research-teaching nexus in the sciences. General, it is recognized that a strong nexus exist between research and teaching at university education, but it was not always clear in which ways this relation could be implemented to positively influence student learning. Connections between teachers’ intentions, teaching practice, and scientific research dispositions were studied in this dissertation. Associations between these factors and suggestions for teaching practice in higher education were described in the context of the nexus of research and teaching in bachelor science courses. The findings show that scientific research dispositions of academics can be characterized by six qualitatively different aspects, namely the inclination to understand, to achieve, to share, to be critical, to be innovative, and to know. Furthermore, it became clear that teachers’ intentions not always correspond to students’ perceptions of research activities during the courses. Teachers’ intentions on tangible elements of the nexus were relatively more congruent with the students’ perceptions, than teachers’ intentions about intangible elements. The results suggest at that intangible elements of the research-teaching nexus, such as the stimulation of a critical disposition or the creation of an innovative atmosphere, need to be emphasized, if we want that students develop realistic conceptions about the nature of scientific research.
Description: Promotores: N. Verloop, J.W. Kijne, J.H. van Driel
With summary in Dutch
Faculty: ICLON
Citation: Rijst, R.M. van der, 2009, Doctoral thesis, Leiden University
Series/Report no.: ICLON PhD dissertation series
ISBN: 9789490383015

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