The Total Somali Clan Genealogy (second edition)

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The Total Somali Clan Genealogy (second edition)

Type: Research paper
Title: The Total Somali Clan Genealogy (second edition)
Author: Abbink, G.J.
Journal Title: ASC working paper
Issue: 84
Publisher: African Studies Centre
Issue Date: 2009
Keywords: Somalia
Abstract: This paper presents an updated genealogy of all Somali 'clans'. Somali kinship is based on patrilineal descent or 'tol', but there are no equivalents in the Somali language for the words 'clan' and 'lineage'. The Somali terminology for the levels of social segmentation is complex, amongst others because of processes of territorial dispersion and social change. The author distinguishes the following levels of descent: clan-families, clan moieties or territorial divisions, clans, subclans, lineages, and sublineages. A separate section deals with groups 'outside' the clan framework. An appendix lists the main political organizations and/or 'warrior' or 'warlord' groups and their dominant (sub)clan since the 1991 central State collapse.

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