Guava: A conceptual platform for art-actions

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Guava: A conceptual platform for art-actions

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Guava: A conceptual platform for art-actions
Author: Hoffman, T.K.
Issue Date: 2020-10-13
Keywords: Artistic research
Socio-politically engaged art
Time-based art
Political science
Abstract: The Guava Platform, which is at the centre of this PhD thesis, was initiated in 2014 as a conceptual framework of my art practice and research. The aim of the Guava Platform is to research and create possible techniques of art-actions that are part of my quest to continue to live in the conflicted landscape, east of the Mediterranean, as an artist.This dissertation assembles the Guava art-actions: i.e. a series of three short films, an online radio station, two performances, a geotagging website, and a scent collection as well as the research into a combined space. Both the art-actions and the research convey the Guava Platform. The leading questions of the thesis are: How can time-based art-actions in a conflicted landscape induce and take part in an embodiment of constructive political imagination? If both physical and conceptual ‘movement’ are the actions’ impetus, how can these actions adjust the socio-political impasse of the landscape? And how can they contribute to a socio-political discussion of the landscape I live in?The outcome of this research is presented on a website. Here, the different components, the art-actions and texts, are not bound to a hierarchical relationship between theory and practice that might restrict their possibility to interact. Instead, the website enables the visitor to navigate between the different artistic and discursive elements in a nonlinear way.
Promotor: Supervisor: Wesseling J.C., Zijlmans C.J.M. Co-Supervisor: Pask M.
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
University: Leiden University

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