Induced substitutions

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Induced substitutions

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Induced substitutions
Author: Rosema, Sierk Willem
Publisher: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Leiden University
Issue Date: 2008-06-03
Keywords: Sturmian substitutions
Beta substitutions
Cutting paths
Rotation words
Abstract: We study the structure of projections of finite cutting paths that correspond to Sturmian substitutions or Beta substitutions over and alphabet of k letters. We show under which conditions these projections form rotation words, and induce another substitution.
Description: Promotor: R. Tijdeman, Co-promotor: C. Kraaikamp
With Summary in Dutch
Faculty: Faculteit der Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen
Citation: Rosema, S.W., 2008, Doctoral thesis, Leiden University

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