Islam and disability : perspectives in islamic theology and jurisprudence

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Islam and disability : perspectives in islamic theology and jurisprudence

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Islam and disability : perspectives in islamic theology and jurisprudence
Author: Ghaly, Mohammed
Publisher: Islamic Theology, Faculty of Religious Studies, Leiden University
Issue Date: 2008-02-27
Keywords: Disability
Medical ethics
Abstract: The main focus of this dissertation is exploring the position of people with disabilities within two Islamic sciences, namely, Islamic Theology and Islamic Jurisprudence as reflected in the early and modern writings of Muslim scholars. Within Islamic Theology, attention is paid to the opinions of early and modern Muslims theologians and philosophers on the existence of disability in this life, the wise purposes behind the existence of this phenomenon in addition to the efforts of these scholars in order to reconcile between the existence of this phenomenon on one hand and specific divine attributes such as the Mercy of God. Within Islamic Jurisprudence, the contentions of early and modern Muslim specialists in Islamic law have been probed into concerning a broad scope of topics with modern relevance such as the human dignity of people with disabilities, their employability, medical treatment, social life with main focus on marriage-related issues, financial life and means of living for this group of people.
Description: Promotor: P.S. van Koningsveld
With summary in Dutch
Faculty: Faculty of Theology
Citation: Ghaly, M., 2008, Doctoral thesis, Leiden University

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