Chapter 3     Macrophage Retinoblastoma deficiency leads to enhanced atherosclerosis development in ApoE-deficient mice.

Lianne S. M. Boesten, A. Susanne M. Zadelaar, Anita van Nieuwkoop, Lihui Hu, Jos Jonkers, Bob van de Water, Marion J. J. Gijbels, Ingeborg van der Made, Menno P. J. de Winther, Louis M. Havekes, and Bart J. M. van Vlijmen

The FASEB Journal. (2006);20:953-955



Chapter 4     Mdm2 protects terminally differentiated smooth  muscle cells from p53-mediated cell death with a necrotic morphotype.

Lianne S.M. Boesten*; A. Susanne M. Zadelaar*; Sarah De Clercq*; Sarah

Francoz; Anita van Nieuwkoop; E.A.L. Biessen; Aart G. Jochemsen; C. Zurcher;

Louis M. Havekes; Jean-Christophe Marine; Bart J.M. van Vlijmen

* These authors contributed equally

Cell Death and Differentiation (2006). Published online May 26



Chapter 5     Local Cre-mediated gene recombination in vascular smooth muscle cells in mice.

A Susanne M Zadelaar*; Lianne SM Boesten*; Nuno MM Pires; Anita van Nieuwkoop; J Wouter Jukema; Erik AL Biessen; Louis M Havekes; Bart JM van Vlijmen; Ko Willems-van Dijk

Transgenic Research (2006); 15(1):31-36



Chapter 6     Tumor Necrosis Factor-α promotes  atherosclerotic lesion progress in  APOE*3-Leiden transgenic mice.

Lianne S.M. Boesten, A. Susanne M. Zadelaar; Anita van Nieuwkoop; Marion J.J. Gijbels; Menno P.J. de Winther; Louis M. Havekes; Bart J.M. van Vlijmen

Cardiovasc Res 2005; 66(1): 179-85