Chapter 2:

It is time to bring borderline intellectual functioning back into the main fold of classification systems

Jannelien Wieland, Frans G. Zitman

BJPsych bulletin, 1-3, 24 december 2015


Chapter 3:

Psychiatric Disorders in Outpatients with Borderline Intellectual Functioning: Comparison with Both Outpatients from Regular Mental Health Care and Outpatients with Mild Intellectual Disabilities

Jannelien Wieland, Sara Kapitein-De Haan, Frans G Zitman

Can J Psychiatry April 2014   vol. 59  no. 4  213-219


Chapter 4:

The prevalence of personality disorders in psychiatric outpatients with borderline intellectual functioning: Comparison with outpatients from regular mental health care and outpatients with mild intellectual disabilities

Wieland J., Van Den Brink A., Zitman FG.

Nordic Journal of Psychiatry , Volume 69,  Issue 8, 2015