Chapter 2


Postural instability in Parkinson’s disease: the adrenergic hypothesis and the locus coeruleus

Yvette AM Grimbergen, J William Langston, Raymund AC Roos and Bastiaan R Bloem

Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics

February 2009, Vol. 9, No. 2, Pages 279-290



Chapter 6.2


“Stops walking when talking” does not predict falls in Parkinson's disease

Bastiaan R. Bloem MD, PhD, Yvette A. M. Grimbergen MD, Monique Cramer MD, Vibeke V. Valkenburg MD

Annals of Neurology

Volume 48, Issue 2, page 268, August 2000<268::AID-ANA21>3.0.CO;2-4