Chapter 2:

The orientations of cytochrome c in the highly dynamic complex with cytochrome b5 visualized by NMR and docking using HADDOCK


Alexander N. Volkov, Davide Ferrari, Jonathan A.R. Worrall, Alexandre M.J.J. Bonvin and Marcellus Ubbink

Protein Science (2005), 14:799-811


Chapter 3 en 4

Solution structure and dynamics of the complex between cytochrome c and cytochrome c peroxidase determined by paramagnetic NMR


Alexander N. Volkov, Jonathan A. R. Worrall,  Elodie Holtzmann, and Marcellus Ubbink

PNAS | December 12, 2006 | vol. 103 | no. 50 | 18945-18950